Afro-Latinas Stand Up!!!!!

Afro-Dominican photographer Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, aka The Earth Warrior is creating a book of 100 portraits of Afro-Latinas in New York City.

Each portrait included in the final series will be paired with a brief write-up that delves into that woman’s black identity, Afrocentric traditions and hopes for future generations of Afro-Latinas.

The open call runs through March 31. If you are interested you should send the following information to

  • 1-3 photos of yourself
  • Neighborhood & Borough (i.e. Inwood, Manhattan,)
  • 3-5 sentences on how you identify

To find out more about the artist and the series go to the

International Woman’s Day- Thank you

On International Woman’s Day I want to shout out all the enlightened and empowered women I met last week at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz cultural center in New York City.

Dominican Independence Event

This group of about 50 proud Dominican women (and some men) gathered last Saturday, February 27 to commemorate their national Independence Day.

Dominicans celebrate their Independence from Haiti not Spain and this group questioned not only the racism embedded in that celebration but also the racism that remains pervasive within the Dominican community, on the island and abroad.  Continue reading →

14 People Afro-Latinos Meet in the United States

14 People Afro-Latinos Meet in the United States


That waitress at the Spanish-food restaurant who speaks to you in English even though you are ordering in Spanish (she continues to speak to everyone else in Spanish) Read on

Images of Afro Cuba

Oh But You Don’t Look Cuban.  . . 

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All of the people in this slideshow are Cuban!

Now that you have viewed this the next time you meet a black person who tells you he or she is from Cuba, you cannot say “you don’t look Cuban or Latino.” Read on