Latinas on the small screen, I don’t think we have come a long way at all baby.

Charo, I don’t want to dismiss her as an actress and entertainer but in my opinion she was the worst stereotype of a Latina that I have ever seen on television.

I remember seeing her on “The Love Boat”, with her thick accent, her look of constant bewilderment, and of course the steady stream of sexual innuendo aimed at her.

Searching for this clip on YouTube, I found some of her more recent television appearances and apparently she is still in character.

America loves this kind of Latina.  In fact, how far have we really come?

Sofia Vergara’s “Gloria” character on “Modern Family” is a modern-day Charo.

Full disclosure, I am not a fan of that show, I’ve only seen a few episodes, but from what I’ve seen Sofia is keeping the Charo legacy alive, she is not bewildered though, I’ll give her that.

Women like America Ferrera appear to be breaking the mold but then again, is she playing a “Latina”?- that’s a different post.

And of course we had  “Devious Maids” — a show about Latina maids, really.

You tell me, how far have we come? Of course none of them look like me, but that is another post for another night.


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