Top 10 reasons why the character Kara on “Being Mary Jane” was the first and maybe the only Latina character I could relate to on television

It’s so hard to say goodbye to “Being Mary Jane”  there go my Tuesday nights, and one of the best Latina characters on television. Here are the top ten reasons why Kara was my girl and arguably the most authentic portrayal of a Latina that I’ve seen on television, ever:

  1. She told a Latino “I don’t really date Latinos” [Come on, we all know someone like this, maybe you are that someone]
  2. She turned a really hot professional baseball player down (and then got back with him)
  3. She was assertive about managing her career and she didn’t apologize for it
  4. She didn’t have to break into a “signature” Spanish phrase every time she really needed to express herself  [I really hate when they do that to us, can you say stereotype]
  5. She actually tried to balance career and family and struggled with it, because she loved both
  6. She loved her job
  7. She wasn’t waiting for Mr. Right [Like every good Latina]
  8. She never forgot her parents
  9. She wasn’t the perfect mom but she kept trying
  10. She always had Mary Jane’s back [think Thelma and Louise or Lucy and Ethel]

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